6th Grade

October 28, 2021

Greetings 6th Grade Parents!

Can you believe it’s the beginning of the 2nd quarter of middle school already?? We wanted to catch everyone up on what's happening around the school, and in 6th grade-- along with some behavior and academic expectations.

Winter sports have, and will be, starting soon. The boys’ soccer team has started, and boys’ golf had their tryouts along with volleyball. Basketball tryouts usually happen during November, so check out the school calendar on our BMS website for that and many other sports opportunities. If your child is currently playing a sport, have them talk to their coach if they are interested in going out for the basketball team. We are a small school and expect to have to share our sports players.

Hopefully your child has shared with you their agendas, which gives them a hard copy of their “To Do” list and their Google Classrooms, which is where most of their work can be found for the week. And hopefully they are sharing all the fun things happening around the school and in 6th grade. Also know that Chromebooks left at home or left in other classrooms will result in silent lunch.

In line with that, we want to also celebrate those students who are always doing what they should all the time!! We will be implementing End of Quarter Celebrations (with your help!!). To qualify for the End of Quarter Celebration, students must not have:
-Been in ISS 2 or more times
-Had OSS at all    
-Been in silent lunch 5 or more times
-Have 3 or more unexcused absences
-Failed any of their classes, encores included 

The great thing is that at the end of the nine weeks, we’ll be cleaning everyone’s slate and starting fresh!!

We will hold a mid-quarter celebration to get the quarter rolling on November 23rd, the day before the Thanksgiving break. At the time of the celebration (by the 22nd), the students who get to participate will need to:
-Not have been in ISS more than 1 time
-Not been in OSS at all
-Not have more than 1 office referral
-Not be failing any of their classes
-No more than 2 unexcused absences
-Not be missing more than 3 assignments per class

We are hoping to have COVID restrictions lifted at the holidays so that we can have a really great end of quarter 2 celebration in early January but that will have to be decided when we get closer to that time.

Please be sure to check your child’s Powerschool weekly. They have been doing that themselves in most of their classes and been reminded to always check themselves and make sure there are no outstanding grades. Missing work has to be logged as zeroes starting quarter 2. If there are missing assignments, please have those made up within a week of their due dates which is the school guideline. 

Please feel free to email any of the grade level teachers with questions you have, and we will get back with you as soon as we can!

BMS 6th Grade Team 

Student Supply List

6th Grade Team

Elizabeth Mason, Team Chair/Math

Max Smith, Science

Betsy Vorster, Social Studies

Geoffrey Warren, ELA


Watch the video for information about joining & using Google Classroom.

Class Room

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For more information click the here to access tutorials for parents & students about accessing Google Classroom & Google Tools.


If you're doing school virtually this Virtual Learning Reference Sheet can help out.